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What is the Backpack

Open Badges communicate skills and achievements by providing a visual representation of your accomplishments packed with verifiable data and evidence. Open Badges enable you to take your learning with you, wherever you go, building a rich picture of your lifelong learning journey.

The Backpack lets you store the Open Badges you earn, and share them between platforms, anywhere on the web. It gives you complete control over your own achievements by allowing you to organise and display your badges in the places that matter to you.

It's simple to use, just setup a free account and upload or push the badges you have earned in other platforms into it.

The Backpack is trusted worldwide, with over 1 million badges already stored.
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Open Badge Services

The Open Badges standard is growing fast thanks to the open values and trust that Mozilla built in, the hard work and innovation of developers, and the badge platforms around the world that have come together and connected.

The Backpack supports this standard by providing a safe independent locker, sitting in the background, giving individuals the confidence that their badges can always be accessed.

The Backpack will also help earners connect out to your platforms and services, where they can discover, earn and share their badges.
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